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Tin Can Project

Funds from your tin can will be channelled to full-time Madrasah Tahfiz Sekolah Ugama Radin Mas (SURM) as well as BAPA's educational and social outreach efforts. Adopt a tin can today!


#projekkasimakan provides delicious quality meals delivered straight to the homes of the less fortunate in Singapore. Bring happiness to their tables with your contribution!

Outreach for Rough Sleepers (OuRS)

Pioneered by BAPA in 2021, Outreach for Rough Sleepers (OuRS) is a social initiative that aims to provide provisional support for the homeless in Singapore.

Zakat Harta

BAPA channels your zakat towards the efforts for the betterment of our community. This includes our financial assistance beneficiaries, social outreach efforts, the students and programmes of Madrasah Tahfiz SURM, Islamic classes, and more. Fulfill your Zakat with BAPA today!

Ramadan Fidyah

At BAPA, our asatizahs are available to assist you with any enquiries and/or calculations that you may have about your fidyah obligations. Your fidyah is then directly distributed to registered asnaf, or beneficiaries, in the form of quality, nutritious meals during our regular food distributions.